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Jul 20, 2010
I hope this is the right topic area. Mods, help me out and please move it to the correct one if it is not.

I thought I’d start this thread for those who may have had issues with their S24 Ultra and wanted to share fixes, or verification of an issue. Here are some issues that I have had so far, but many of you may already know these. Please feel free to share anything interesting that you have found, so that we can try it out and see if it’s an anomaly or if that’s just the way that the S24 Ultra is supposed to work.

  • SIDE POWER BUTTON OPTIONS - I tried to set up my “side button” (power) to do two things. 1) Double Press and get the flashlight to turn on (works great), and 2) Long Press and have the power menu come up (sporadically working). I’ve noticed that the Long Press doesn’t always work. If I reboot the phone, it doesn’t work until I go into the Side Button options and cycle between “Wake Bixby”, and then back to “Power Off Menu”. After that, it will work until the next phone restart. I do have Good Lock installed. I couldn’t find a Power Off Menu option in Good Lock, so I am doing this through the phone options. Its not much of a problem if you don’t turn off your phone much, but when doing tech support and having to restart many times, it’s annoying.
  • CALLS GOING STRAIGHT TO VOICEMAIL - Recently I spent 3 hours on the phone with Verizon Tech Support. My issue was that when someone calls me with a blocked/restricted/private phone number, their calls would go directly to voicemail. Even when Verizon tried to call me on a test call, their calls would either get a continuous dial tone, or go directly to voicemail. I restarted the phone in Safe Mode and everything worked fine. That told me that there was a conflict between an app on my phone and visual voicemail. I finally uninstalled “Hiya” which had previously caused no issues on my Note 8 and S22 Ultra. Removing Hiya resolved my issue. I wrote the Hiya folks and they just gave me a generic answer of having people turn off the blocked/restricted options. I’m NOT going to tell people how to utilize their phone, so I just removed Hiya. Hiya was a great app for informing me that the call was spam, and gave me options to permanently block it. It is also supposed to integrate (options) with the S24 Ultra, but there are some issues at least for me.
  • QUICK DECLINE MESSAGES - When wanting to use the Quick Decline Phone messages, it seems that the phone number calling needs to NOT be blocked/restricted/private. If it is, then the option to send a Quick Decline Message will not appear on the phone when it rings. If you don’t use Quick Decline Messages, they are GREAT! I can even add my own personal messages so that when someone calls, and I don’t want to be interrupted, I can just swipe up and select a message to send to the calling party by text. This is very useful instead of picking up the phone and having to tell someone that you will call them back.
  • VISUAL VOICEMAIL ON WIFI - Visual Voicemail on Verizon’s network is a nightmare even for the technical support folks. My issue was that I wasn’t not always getting visual voicemail notifications. Some times it would appear, and sometimes nothing would be there until I switched to data mode (turned off Wifi). Apparently, this is an issue that the Verizon folks have with Samsung and they are constantly bringing it up to have visual voicemail work on Wifi. This issue was escalated for me and the tech called me the next day that said it is an ongoing issue with the S24 Ultra, but it wasn’t with previous phones. He said that a meeting is coming up with Samsung and once again, they will bring it up. As of now, visual voicemail will consistently only work on data, and NOT consistently work on Wifi.
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Can someone with an S24 Ultra please help me verify this?
1. Set up your SIDE BUTTON options with DOUBLE PRESS turned ON.
2. Select DOUBLE PRESS to OPEN APP (Flashlight).
4. Now test out the two options with the SUDE BUTTON.
5. Now restart your phone.
6. Now test out the two options again. Do both options still work?
7. If the POWER OFF MENU (PRESS AND HOLD) option does not work, go back to the SIDE BUTTON options, and select PRESS AND HOLD to WAKE BIXBY, and then POWER OFF MENU again.
8. Try the options again.
9. Please report results back here.

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