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advanced task killer , not killing apps properly


Android Enthusiast
Jul 29, 2010
Berkshire, England
ok so i click call apps and 2 secs later most of them are back ..

i just killed these and they are back within 2 secs and i have not even used them for atleast a day

titanium bkup
google search
voice dialer music
etc etc

it just throws up random ones all the time

how can i kill them until i click to open and automatically close when i come out of any program
got ya . while im here got a q about my contact card

i cant find it lol on vr12 i was able to enter email , im etc and add photo if i ever needed to send as business card , how do i do that on this new ROM ..

also the music player does not function properly .. i have album art embeded into mp3's and none of them show and when i press >> to goto next track it still says its the track b4 and it just stays like that throughout the playlist

also im coming round to froyd abit more now , would love to know what all the extra options are ubut i'll leave that til another day lol
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