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Me and a colleague at Sony Ericsson has recently started a series of tutorials focusing on Advanced UI. One series on how to implement Zoom into your application, and another on how to make your own 3d list as an AdapterView.

The first part of each tutorial series is out now, and the following parts will be made available shortly. The Tutorials are for Android and works on all Android devices.

Read more:
Tutorials | Developer World

You can try out what the tutorials teach by downloading out tutorial application, just search for "sony ericsson tutorials" on Android Market.
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Welcome to the forum! :D

Hi, great to see some UI experts sharing their knowledge; Android can certainly use a bit of polish. :)

My only doubts about this are:
- I don't think it's too SE-branded to be classified as advertising, but others may think so; also,
- One-finger zooming and other nifty stuff are usually prime candidates for software patents, so what are the terms for free-lance open source developers for these ideas and methods?
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Thanks for your comment KlaymenDK.

I've tried to find a good answer to your second question but I don't really have one, if I get a good answer from our legal team I'll post it for you. We release the code (avaiable as a zip from the blog) under new BSD licence. This means developers have good freedom to use the code.

On another note, the second part of the Zoom tutorial is available now where we look into controller logic. Hope you like it! :)
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