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Help advent amico software help please

hi guys,
i was wondering if you can help me with a problem i have with my advent amico i bought a couple a few days ago.
it was working fine on the day, i wanted to reset it to my preferences so the settings are the way i want it to be. so i changed the wallpaper and connected to my router and sorted the time and date and then i set a security pattern so whenever it is in sleep mode anyone who access it has to draw the pattern on it. that went fine too. then i went to collaboration button where you need to press it a few times on the different possitions on the screen, then right at the middle of doing that i accidentally pressed the off button and didnt finish the process.
then i pressed the power button again and there was the problem, because the colaboration setting wasnt finished it was a mess, it wouldnt let me press the on the buttons to unlock it and i cant do anything els to go behind that point to re-colaborate it again, so i am stuck on that screen and cant go any further. i have tried many things, like resetting it from the power button, pressing the little reset button and that but still doesnt work.
can you give me any advice on what to do please, i have been so angry about this that i started to having bad headaches over it.

much appreciated .

thank you.


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