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Adventure Time Interactive Theme for HTC


Sep 9, 2017
Many many moons ago I picked up an HTC something or other on Boost Mobile. In the built in Theme store was this adventure time theme that was the absolute tits. Like, the wallpaper was basically just a backdrop. The characters functioned as icons. Rather than a circle with BMo in it, it was just a picture of bMo. Tap it and chrome comes up (or whatever you set)

Does that make sense?

I have never seen anything like it before it since, and if anyone can help me find it, it something along those lines, or how to make it myself... Literally anything, I'll be your bff!
Is "Adventure Time" a brand, a show or some such?

Anyway, if it was for the HTC Themes store then it will only work on HTC phones running the right version of Sense - those themes definitely depended on the HTC framework. If you are using one of those I guess it's no longer in the theme store, if you aren't then it doesn't matter.

There are aspects of your description that aren't clear to me, but what you've described sounds like stuff that can be done with a third party launcher if you are prepared to spend the time. You can put whatever wallpaper you want on any phone (a wallpaper is always just a backdrop, so I don't really understand that comment). Manufacturer's launchers usually don't let you change icons, but most third party launchers do, so the other stuff could be done by replacing app icons with your own or even, if you just wanted some part of the backdrop to launch an app, by creating a transparent image, placing the app launcher where you wanted and then replacing its icon with the transparent image (turn off app names in the launcher's settings). I hope that makes sense and bears some resemblance to what you are asking, since there are some things are a little unclear (are "the characters" alphanumerical characters or characters in a story, what is "BMo" - Boost Mobile?). But whatever it is it sounds like it can be implemented using a custom wallpaper and icons. Other aspects of HTC themes, like colour accents in the menus and changing system fonts, can't be done with a launcher alone (whether they can be done at all will depend on what phone you have).

If you really want to customise a user interface into an image there's an app called "KLWP" (Kustom Live Wallpaper). I've never used it, though I have used KWGT (Kustom Widget editor) to create my own widgets, but a lot of the stuff in the Android Themes forum at XDA is based on it, and I suspect you'll be able to find some advice there.
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Adventure time is a TV show that has been around for some time, @Hadron really popular with the kids, and yes if there is some kind of launcher with it. BMO looks like a blown up Gameboy color blue and a huge smile on him.
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