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ADW Launcher - Folders - Hidden Dock


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Aug 2, 2011
"Folders" have become a necessity to me. Knowing that folders exist (and the fact they are not a widget, and therefore, dockable) makes me love them that much more.

On Go Launcher EX, which has a scrolling side to side dock, it's easy to do this. On one dock, I have all of my main stuff. Phone, Handcent, App Drawer, and the other 2 are Folders for "Office" related (email, calculator, calendar, docs) and the other is "Internet" related - basically anything requiring internet access, from Gas Buddy to Opera to Ebay.

On the other dock, it's just 4 folders (with an app drawer launcher) that do the same thing.

That said, the above is easily adaptable to ADW, it's just a matter of rebuilding my folders and dropping them in place. That way as I tinker with other docks, I at least have things set up very similarly to where I like.

But ahh, here's where I got caught up. It seems as if my folders (when I drag them to the ADW dock) automatically change from the icon I assigned them to a blank tan colored folder. That said, all of my folders look the same.

Is there a way to get around this?


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