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Help After "Emergency calls mode" everthing reset


Dec 19, 2011
I'm in 2.3.3
Whenever I am at work and the signal is low it displays the message "Emergency Calls Only". After when I get back to normal mode, when the signal returns, I have a an error message about login to my Gmail account and I have to enter the password again to get my apps working.

And this issue is also causes another issue, Which is, I have the twitter android app installed and signed in.... after the "Emergency Calls Only" the twitter app signed out automatically, but when I need to sign in again the app said: "the account information is already added" and I can't get login to my account... however to solve that I have to reinstalled the app from Market to get signed in to twitter.

So if anyone knows how to get rid of these stupid errors please share it.


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