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Age of Strategy, a hidden gem of a TBS game.


Jul 12, 2021
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Age of Strategy is a turn-based strategy game for Android. It's a very good turn-based strategy game. The style and quality of units, buildings, and terrains are simple yet very detailed. The combat easy is easy but the strategy is up to you. It's easy to learn how to play but not so easy to succeed against an enemy. It requires time to be very good at it and have a strategic mind. You'll need those for winning skirmishes against AIs, Online Multiplayer against other players or in many many campaigns, missions and challenges that will challenge your skill. In terms of unit it has a lot of it. Samurais, Knights, Spartans, Caveman, Dessert dwellers and many more. Mounted, Siege, ranged, melee are some of the unit types. Though there is only one group/clan/tribe because you can use all type of units and buildings. You just need to unlock them using gems that you can get from completing campaigns. The gameplay is simple just as every turn-based strategy games but it's pretty neat. In matches your train units by waiting, units cost turns so you don't have to collect resources. That's pretty unique. In campaigns you need to do specific things and there is dialogues and stories. You can also build training buildings, technology buildings, and Defenses. The terrain also affects combat and some units has special skills unique to that unit. Overall, a good turn-based strategy game. Very challenging and well made. It has a lot of contents to go through. So why not try it. It's available in Google play store.​



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