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AgriApp : Smart Farming App for Indian Agriculture


Nov 29, 2021
AgriApp is an Android-based mobile application. It provides complete information on Crop Production, Crop Protection, smart farming with agriculture, and allied services. In addition to being an information portal, AgriApp is also an online marketplace for bringing in farmers, Agri input, retailers & fulfillment services on a common digital platform. AgriApp powered by passionate professionals and dreams about making agriculture more sustainable, in terms of both ecology and economy, with the help of technology in a short time. This is an agriculture app for farmers that will be greatly beneficial to the farming community.

AgriApp is an all-encompassing ag-tech feature such as ICT, IoT, Big-Data, e-Commerce, and m-Commerce with an intent to bring the technology to the field of agriculture and food sector to provide smart farming solutions. We work on precision and predictive agriculture while building a strong Agri-Ecosystem for the benefit of farmers and make healthy soil and happy farmer with better returns on the investment for framers.

AgriApp works to fill the gap between farmers and accurate strategic Agricultural information, with the involvement of Agriculture Experts. Thus, enabling farmers to reach high-efficiency technology-enabled agriculture production and marketing of the Agriculture produce, ensuring a win-win situation to Farmers and Agriculture Economy.

Features of AgriApp

m-Commerce: Buy Crop Solutions

Here we encourage Farmers not to buy products, but to buy solutions for their farming needs! AgriApp follows this and provides inputs for Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

With this approach consult our crop advisors prior to buying. They will help you to buy solutions for the best crop production. And you get these products at discounted prices online and will have delivery services/solutions, not just goods. Enjoy shopping of Agri inputs through the AgriApp or visit agriapp.com

POP’s: Complete information of the Crop right from Sowing till Harvesting

Explore the Science and Art of Agriculture with Package of Practices ( PoP’s) for each crop at your convenient time. You can refer to it when you are in the field to understand all the factors of production leading to profitable agriculture. The expert guidebook is with you all the time, even in your local language!

Crop Calendar: Timely remainders for Smart farming & scientific Agro advisory

Agriculture experts bring you the calendar of events for your planned crop with respect to the entire set of operations on a real-time basis. Agro /crop advisory is delivered to your mobile which will help you to get into operations. This is a one-of-its-kind service offered by AgriApp to enable farmers to address critical crop events at the right stage to enhance productivity and achieve the full potential of the crop.

Chat with Expert: Get real-time Agro Advisory through Agri Experts

Any query with respect to crop Advisory or protection? Our expert Crop/Agri Advisors are ready to answer you and support you in your way of keeping your crops healthy and happy. You can connect with our crop experts through Chat, Videos, or Images and they will get back to you with the remedy in terms of Soil Health, Nutrition deficiency, or Disease Pest Management. Chat and get support for better yield!!! AgriApp is a complete Agro Advisory and smart forming Guide

News and Videos: Get on-time information about Agriculture around the world

Enjoy the feature of news and videos focused on agriculture. Stay connected to the recent trends and innovative happenings from around the world for sustainable agriculture.

Join the AgriApp with our mission for keeping the ecosystem of food production available for generations to come.

AgriApp is completely free, download it from the Google play store and Enjoy Smart Farming solutions at your fingertips


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