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Smart Farming App


Nov 29, 2021
AgriApp is an Android-based mobile application. AgriApp is a technology-based smart agriculture app with complete agricultural production and management solution. This online marketplace, brings together farmers, agricultural input, retailers, and fulfillment services on a single digital platform. AgriApp helps Indian farmers to make better decisions to increase their profitability by using the latest technology. AgriApp is the best app for agriculture students who are interested in agriculture. The information provided to the customers through AgriApp is timely and accurate. Being India's best agricultural app assists farmers in a variety of ways, including soil testing, crop advisory, drone services, crop practices, and more.

What's in it for the farmer -

Buy Crop Solutions & Market Price

Being the best agriculture product selling app, we urge farmers to buy solutions rather than products for their farming needs. Here you will find every product for different agricultural purposes including Crop Tonics, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Spreaders, and others. Use the AgriApp or go to www.agriapp.com to shop for agricultural inputs.

Crop Practices: Get the full information of the Crop

At your leisure, learn about the Science and Art of Agriculture through Packages of Practices (PoP’s) for each crop. AgriApp will assist you in learning everything you need to know about agriculture. Get complete information on the crop from sowing to harvesting.

Crop Advisory: Communicate with agricultural experts in real-time

If you have a question about Crop Advisory or Protection, you can get real-time Agro-Advisory services from Agri Experts through Videos, Chat, or Images in the local language, including disease, weather, the health of the soil, and nutritional deficiency.

Crop Care

In real-time, AgriApp provides a crop event calendar tailored to the planned crop for the entire operation. A crop advisor curates each farmer's and crop's individual needs. This Crop Calendar helps in improving the farm's efficiency and output as well.

Soil Testing: Get to know about the expected growth of your soil

If you want to know the expected growth & potential of your soil we offer the best solutions by studying soil samples. We provide all answers to agricultural industries and farmers. We also provide soil testing and analysis services to determine the number of critical nutrients for fertility, pH, and lime level.

Satellite Insights

Now you can easily track the vegetative growth, moisture, and stress of your farm from anywhere using real-time satellite imagery, and take preventative actions against pest infestations and illnesses, which helps farmers undertake organic farming and integrated crop management.

Community: Get connected to get Instant Solution

Our mission is to bring together a community of people together. A place where the community can share their problems and find smart farming solutions from other farmers. We want to add value to the user's time by providing a solution platform to interact with other farmers and experts on the platform.

News and Videos: Get on-time information about Agriculture

Being the best farm app promises to deliver the latest information related to the Indian Agri sector directly to the farmers with this e- farming app. It will also provide the Best information related to crop Protection and Pests. Stay connected to get the latest trends here!

Weather & Get the future climate expectations

Keep updated with weather information of your area from our app. You can check the weather forecast of your city anytime anywhere including time, condition & temperature through our app.

Blogs: Know more about Agriculture through blogs
Know more about Crop Production, techniques, equipment, Crop Protection, smart farming, and allied services through our blogs. Find all kinds of trending blogs and featured blogs to know more and better about agriculture.

AgriApp is completely free, Come join our App and Enjoy Smart Farming solutions at your fingertips.

Download App Now from https://bit.ly/3nOI24D


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