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Alarms: Lap Suggestion

I've learned that a Read-Me-First-Sticky-Post is almost
the same thing as an FAQ. In my case, though, it didn't
answer my question.

I have two suggestions for two default Android apps: the
generic Alarms application, and the generic Music application.
I want to pose my question to the developers at the top of
the Android food chain (no offense intended) who assess
minute, core application change suggestions like the two I
want to make.

At the present time, I'm overwhelmed by the size and scope
of the Android developer world, and I don't know to where to
turn. What URL do I point to to pose my suggested changes
to these two, core apps?


Doug P.
Las Vegas, NV
When alarms is used as a stopwatch to
record laps and the STOP button is pressed
to pause timing on the stopwatch, a total
time is displayed above, but the most recent
STOP button press does not display the lap
time from the previous LAP button press.

The total time is displayed above, but
there's no lap calculation. Shouldn't there
be a calculation made and displayed for
what is the most recent lap when STOP is
pressed, in addition to the total time? It is a
lap time, after all.

(The suggestion for the Music app will be
submitted in a separate thread. )
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It's the default Alarm app
for LG's L90, running on
Android 4.4.2.

I have to stop, think, and
really put some effort into
appreciating the landscape
of everything Andriod. It's
quite a complicated layout,
confusing for a time, and it
takes a while before a clear
picture forms revealing
where to go to get to the
result I'm seeking or the
answer I'm pursuing.
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