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Help Album Art Not Changing, 3 Songs


Jun 22, 2020
I apoligise in advance, my English is not the good, I don't explain things well.

I've been working at this for days. I can't figure it out.
All the songs by a the artist Shampoo show up correctly, 3 show up black, which is the same album art that most of my songs have, which is what I choose.

For Shampoo, I have a different album art and all the songs have the same album art. I added it via EasyTag, a Linux programme.

Despite they show up correctly on my computer, it won;t on my phone. I tried clearing cache, clearing app cache, deleting and readding the files, adding the file from another phone.
I even reset my phone and formatted the SD Card. Nothing worked.
I even deleted and redownloaded the song, the same thing, nothing works, so now it shows two albums, and they're not in alphabetical order, because 3 songs are broken into another album for having a different album art.

I tried changing SD cards, because someone said that the songs were on a corrupted part of the SD card, and after I said it is still the same thing, they said the curruption transfered over to the new SD card, which is why when I replace the song, it still has the wrong album art.

Is there anyway to fix this, or do I need a new phone?
It happened on my old phone too.

The Samsung Glaxay S10, they're all black, at least it's consistent.
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