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Help Album art not clear after gingerbread update!


Jul 6, 2011

I recently updated to gingerbread (2.3.4) on my ace, and straight away i noticed that the default music player app has changed: The album art is displayed across half the screen (much to my distaste rather - the older layout was fine! :mad:)
I then transfered my music library over (i embeded all of the mp3 files with album art via mp3 tag).
The album art on most of the tracks is not sharp! Even the ones with 650*650 res! although some of them appear relatively clear.

I tried un-embedding the files and keeping the album art picture in the folder, but it still isn't clear! It's as if the player is loading some "cached" low resolution image all the time! This would have not been a problem in the old music player layout, since the album art didnt cover half the screen!

Please help, and don't suggest using a "album art grabber" or another mp3 player app! This must have a fix! :thinking:

Thank you!


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