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alcatel one touch xl factory reset from settings and hard reset?

Justin Raney

Mar 8, 2021
Im trying to wipe all my personal data froman older alcatel one touch fierce xl phone i was using before getting rid of it.

Does it need a sim card or me to sign into my google account for any of these functions to work?

I tried looking for factory reset under settings and cant find that option anywhere somewhere i read its under backup but i dont sign into my google account as it would get linked back to my devices on computer google account.

I also tried the hard reset by buttons holding the power button and volume up key releasing the power button when i got to the alcatel screen and it went into the gear lightening froze screen. The only way to power it off was hold the same buttons i had used to get there.

I tried another method of holding the power button, volume up key as well as home key and it then stopped on an exclaimation point ! same thing happened i had to use the same buttons to turn it back off and onto normal power up functions.

Would anyone know where the settings reset is and if i need to be signed into my google account on phone only thing is signing in will link the device on my gmail account and be stuck that way.

As for the hard reset to erase data i cant get to that screen, Its a phone i used for a couple years it got a screen crack and purchased a replacement. The microsoft lumia 435 had no problems performing the hard reset only this alcatel one touch which should show the same r2d2 opened up for microsoft windows phones but doesnt just stops or freezes on those screens and only way back is use the same buttons pressed to power off.

Thanks where under gmail or google on the laptop can i check for linked devices, tablets, cell phones linked to my account.

This is where i learned how to attempt reset.
The only thing i see is its advertised on youtube as same phone but has an O in the middle vs the alcatel one touch i have that shows a 4 square microsoft home button in the middle.



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