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All Google apps crash or fail


Sep 1, 2018
I have a Motorola Moto E4 Plus. I am using Android version 7.1.1.

All my Google apps are broken. For instance, Gmail crashes at startup. Calendar shows me my schedule, but reports a "Sync error" when I try to refresh. Drive says "Synchronization error". Maps says "Can't connect to Maps. Try again in a few minutes". Non-Google apps are affected also. My web browser (SmartCookieWeb) crashes on startup. CalTopo crashes on startup.

If I go to Settings / Account / Google, I can see that there is a "Sync error" on my Google account. I see the message "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly."

I have a notice saying "Account action required". When I click on it, I get a message saying "Google Play services has stopped". If I choose "Open app again", I get the message "Google Play services keeps stopping".

I don't know what the problem is, but I think I caused it accidentally while trying to turn off two-factor authentication. I am on the local search and rescue team, and I have a Google account for the team. I set up my phone to get emails sent to my team account, but I absolutely do not want to use the phone for two-factor authentication for the team account. Nevertheless, in the middle of an emergency last week, while I was trying to work on a rescue map using my team Google account, Google insisted that I respond to a text message sent to this phone, which I didn't have with me. Epic fail, Google. Today, I tried to fix this problem by purging every mention of this phone from my team Google account. As far as I can tell, that fixed the team account two-factor authentication problem, but it somehow broke my phone.

I am not phone savvy. I want things simple.Does anyone have advice on how to make my phone work again?

-- EDIT --

I deleted my team account from my phone, thinking it was the problem. That didn't help. All Google apps continue to crash or fail as before.
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Tube517, Thank you for the suggestion. Updating Android System WebView worked. It seems that I was unlucky enough to get signed out while WebView was broken, so apps which required me to be signed in didn't work, and I couldn't sign in because signing in requires WebView.

You're welcome. Glad Google fixed it. It was causing many issues.
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