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All In One Perfectly Clear Photo Editing App

OmTec Web

Jan 31, 2022

PixyTrim is the Perfect Photo Editing App for editing images, adding cool effects to an image, and converting it from a stable to an interactive image using the app’s editing features.

PixyTrim’s photo editing features include lighting and darkening, altering the contrast, cropping, and much more! PixyTrim photo editor took advantage of its ratio feature to be customized to the social media dimensions and shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

You can save your creations or share them with friends and family. We use abrasive technology and techniques for editing photos,

You can download our app easily from the Google Play store.

Perfectly Clear Photo Editor App PixyTrim’s Features Include:
Perfect Crop Image:

PixyTrim’s crop feature allows you to easily crop your pictures from left to right, up to down, as needed.
We have offered numerous sizes to assist you in resizing your images to meet your prospective requirements.

PixyTrim Offers Below Dimensions :


Rotate :
The Rotate feature allows you to rotate your pictures up to 360* degrees, and you set in your perspective needs and save them in your gallery.

Scale :
With the help of the scale feature, you can zoom the images from 12.5% to 100% per your needs and save them.

Perfectly Clear Photo Effects & Filters :
With the PixyTrim filters tool, you can customize the appearance of your images by adding the most delicate filters available in the PixyTrim app.

Our Color morphing and B&W (Black and White) features can significantly improve your images and give your pictures a more satisfactory look.

Our latest version has introduced some new elegant features to our app. You can try using them to make your images more agile. Now we present our new Special effects :

PixyTrim’s filters allow you to give your images a distinctive style and make them more attractive by simply adding effects.

Perfect Photo Editing Adjusting Feature :
PixyTrim has various adjusting features mentioned below that can help you improve and enhance your pictures :

Perfect Photo Brightness Feature
PixyTrim’s brightness photo editor app tool allows you to change the brightness of your image in seconds.
You can increase image brightness quickly by setting the brightness level from (-100% TO +100%)

Perfect Photo Saturation Feature
Saturation helps in the addition of a photo light effect to your images.
You can edit the image’s saturation by setting the saturation level from 0% TO 100%.

Perfect Contrast Photo Editing
You can make your image look awesome by using the Contrast feature by PixyTrim.
Edit your images with PixyTrim’s image contrast editor tool by adjusting the contrast level (25% TO 75%).

PixyTrim Perfect Blur Feature :
To bring focus to your images, you can use the blur feature of PixyTrim.
You can easily adjust the blur level by setting up the level of an image from 0% to 100%.
PixyTrim is the best blur photo editor app for your pictures.

Perfect Reduce Photo Editing Feature :
The PixyTrim app has the best features for compressing and resizing an image.

PixyTrim Reduce feature include :
Image Compression
Our image compressor feature allows you to compress the size of your image.
You can check the differences between the actual and expected sizes of your images.
You can easily save those compressed images in your phone gallery by clicking the download shape button in the upper right corner.

PixyTrim New Blend Feature
We have a photo blending tool in the latest version of our app. When editing pictures, blending offers additional creative options, which is very useful because it gives your images attractive effects. A parameter called “blending” modifies how colors interact with colors at lower levels in a visual effect. Your image’s overall look can be improved by just adjusting the blending settings in PixyTrim.

Features available in our Perfect Photo Blending Feature

Color overlay
The PixyTrim color overlay feature allows you to add or alter the color to your image as required. Our color Overlay feature adds color to an existing picture to make it more attractive.

The opacity feature in the photo blend feature allows you to adjust the color opacity of your images from 0 to 100. Opacity is the measure to which everything in your pictures blocks light, and you can easily adjust the opacity of color in your image to suit your needs.

PixyTrim’s Perfect Edit Tool
Below features of PixyTrim’s perfect photo editor are available :

Drawing Tool
You can easily create or alter your images by using the app’s edit tools, such as adding lines and shapes, text and colors, and many more.

Add/Edit Colors
We offer plenty of colors to you, so you can add them to your images and make your photos more interactive and engaging.
The app offers 12 elegant colors, so you can use your ideas to add to them and improve the images.

PixyTrim Collage Maker
You can make the best collage of your images with the PixyTrim collage’s grid maker; you have more edit options for making the most delicate collage.
You have various editing choices at your fingertips to create the most pleasing collage possible.

Below are many editing options you have to make the perfect collage :

Lots of layout grids
Adjust Border width
Edit Border color
Alter Border-radius
Change Background Wallpapers

Perfect Photo PixyTrim Ratio Feature
This feature helps you change the image’s aspect ratio to meet your requirements.
The ratio feature of PixyTrim allows users to alter the aspect ratio of their image based on various social media posts and dimensions and can share easily from the app.

Below ratios are available in our perfectly clear photo editing app for modifying for various social media posts:
Facebook (FB Mobile Cover Ratio, FB Post Ratio)
Instagram (Ig Story Ratio, Ig post “1:1, 4:5 Ratio”)
Movie Screen Ratio
Twitter (Twitter Header Ratio, Twitter Post Ratio)
Youtube Cover Post Ratio

The ideal photo editing software is PixyTrim, which enables you to add creative effects to your pictures. PixyTrim is the greatest software for your photographs and the best photo editor app available for editing your photos and giving them a beautiful appearance. Your works can be saved or shared with loved ones. You may try utilizing our app’s new, beautiful capabilities that have been added in the most recent edition to give your photographs more agility. An effect called a blending setting is added to the image to change how colors interact with colors on lower levels. Simply changing the blending options in PixyTrim will enhance the appearance of your image.

The PixyTrim color overlay feature allows you to add or alter the color to your image as required, with over 20 filters available within the app to make your attractive photos outstanding from the crowd.

With the use of opacity functions available in the PixyTrim blending feature, you can add color or change the color of your image with the range of colors available in the app.

To edit your images with the best and most unique effects, try out our app, which is available on the Google Play Store. With our app, you can edit your images in a variety of ways, such as adding text, adjusting effects, adding color, and drawing.

Why are you waiting now? Use the PixyTrim application to improve the appearance and aesthetics of your image right away.

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