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allshare - why cant i search? galaxy s2

hi i hope you are all well.

i have a samsung galaxy s2 and a windows 7 PC. i can browse the music collection on the pc from the phone just fine using allshare and play things no problem.

three questions:
1) im may just be being thick but i cant seem to search for anything, i just have wade through my 1200 albums manually - please tell me there is a search function and how to use it!

2) can i play quick time movies?

3) anyway of getting i-bloody-tunes to stream media to the phone or am i going to have to have media player use its dlna services? my itunes librbary is organised....and some of it is aac so i would LOVE to be able to do this rather than having to use the less complete info in media player

thanks alot!


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