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Root Alternatives for CWM, Tips for a newly Rooted SGY..


Apr 2, 2012
So i've read in some thread that CWM does not support Samsung Galaxy Y. Now i'm wondering if there's an alternative app for CWM??

I've just rooted my phone, now i dont know what to do next, see, i just visited play store to find out that the recommended app for a newly rooted phone (like Titanium Back Up, ROM Manager, SetCPU, Root explorer and as well as Chainfire3D) are all PAID apps. :( Well I've found that those apps have free versions, but lesser features.
in short im really lost, and (could afford, but) can't buy paid apps yet.. XD

Please anyone, any tips, suggestions and reply would be greatly appreciated. :)
There is CWM recovery available for Galaxy Y but its not permanent. You'll have to flash it everytime when you boot into stock recovery.
Well actually we DO have a permanent recovery but for that, you'll have to flash a new kernel.
As for the apps section, if you cannot afford to buy the apps, you can sideload them. I do not recommend this. I suggest you buy the apps. Sideloading is where you download the app apks from the internet and install them manually.
Since you are rooted, I suggest you try custom ROMS.
I'm willing to provide links. Just tell me what you need links for. Like, for CWM or custom ROMS etc. Happy to help! :D
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