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Amazon and Ring apps not loading properly on wifi

I've had this issue with my pixel 4a and now my s21

Randomly the amazon and ring apps would stop loading properly when connected to wifi but work fine on LTE

Suddenly I won't be able to load my orders or can't click on review images or product images. It just keeps on loading

Ring will take a while to load the dashboard or event history

Tried clearing the cache and storage, reinstalling the apps and 2.4 and 5ghz bands

The apps work fine when on lte so I'm thinking it doesn't like something with the wireless connection. I'm using a netgear xr500 router

Rebooting the phone fixes it for a little while before they start acting up again

All other apps are fine and amazon/ring have no issues on a iPhone x that is on the same wifi and all other network devices don't have any kind of connectivity issues

Any ideas please? I'm at a loss here
You did reboot the router, correct?
Yes, numerous times

I narrowed it down at this point being the amazon and ring app on an a android operating system not like something on my wireless network
My final test was connecting to the free wifi provided by my isp and the apps worked fine

Not sure what setting on the router for my network setup might be causing this because all other apps and devices work as intended
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