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Help Amazon music will not save to my SD card


Jul 31, 2022
I don't know if this is an Amazon problem or a problem with my phone. I have a Samsung A20 and recently I have not been able to save Amazon music playlists to my sd card. I have to save to my internal storage. Up until a few months ago, I was able to save to my sd card without any problems. I don't know if this is a probelm with a recent android update or amazon update. I have tried amazon forums for answers and I have gotten nowhere. I hoping someone here will have some answers. To try to fix the problem I have done the following:
rebooted phone
unintalled and reinstalled program
cleared cahe
tried different sd cards
checked for app updates

Thanks for any suggestions.
I'd just ignore this matter as a problem. Playlists are just tiny text files, they're just some text listing the music files you pick and point to where the actual music files are stored. Text files are relatively minuscule, it's the actual music files that use up more storage space. (Not so much each individual song file but the collective amount if you have a really sizable music library built up.)
Or is internal storage space not the issue? Is there a something else going on as to why you need the playlist files stored on your microSD card instead?
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OK, so something like moving playlist files should be a low priority, even if you had hundreds of them the total amount of disk space involved is only going to a few MBs or so. It's things like music files, photo files, and especially video files that will all add up to be using storage space. If you need to free up storage space focus your time and efforts on moving files that actually result in a practical freeing up of storage space. Worrying about little text files isn't productive in the short term nor the long term. Use your microSD card as a working, supplemental storage media but really, at some point you're just better off buying a new phone that already has a sizable about of internal storage,

And just a side note, if the playlist issue is really eating away at you there is the issue where Google has made a lot of changes to how we are allowed to interact with our microSD cards. It was at one time pretty much unrestricted but then some troubling security and privacy issue came into play so it became necessary for restricted access to specific folders along with limits on permission levels and such. So currently our apps we install typically only have access to corresponding and specific folders within the card. So in your case, if the Amazon Music app allows you redirect the save location for playlists, see using a that app's corresponding folder in your microSD card will work. The file path will likely be similar to SD card >> Android >> data >> com.amazon.music.xxxxx.xxxxx The exact file path and folder names used by your A20 will vary so adjust things accordingly. But within that app's assigned folder there was open permission levels for the app.
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If the SD card has gone read-only because the phone finds a fault with it, this will happen. Under the settings inside Amazon Music, it normally shows 'SD Card: Online'. If it's read-only, it shows 'SD Card: Error'

Also, there's a setting there to tell it where to save music, and sometimes it gets changed for some reason back to internal. That setting should allow changing it back to SD or external storage.
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