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Help Android 11 MMS quality issues


Jul 27, 2021
I had a previous post about this and another issue, but I solved the other issue by getting a new SIM card.

Okay, so I have the Moto G Power on the AT&T network through Straight Talk and ever since upgrading to Android 11 anytime I send a picture regardless of file size using the default Messages app or even Textra, the image quality is compressed majorly. I thought maybe the issue was me switching from an AT&T SIM card to a T-Mobile, but I got a new AT&T SIM card because of how bad my service was with the T-Mobile network. The awful image compression is still an issue despite switching back to AT&T. This was never an issue before the upgrade to Android 11. So by process of elimination, it seems Android 11 is the culprit. I did a google search and it seemed like this was a major issue for Verizon customers with Samsung and Pixel phones after upgrading to 11, but Verizon repeatedly replied in threads to just use alternative messaging apps.

I downloaded the Chomp SMS app and there's no compression issues with that, but it's visually an ugly app in my opinion so if I can somehow get the default Messages app to stop downgrading the image quality, that would be great. I attached two example images and I am aware how big the original image is quite large, but like I said, the compression happens regardless of file/image size and this was just a good example of what happens. There is no settings in the default app to change MMS settings that I can see.



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