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Help Android 11 show device contacts/UI issue


Jan 3, 2022
TCL Pro 20 5G with Android 11 (November patch)
Long story, short: I need to see my device (phone not Google contacts) in the Contacts App.
Suggestion from one person: When you open the contacts app, tap the three dots in top right corner... Tap settings... Tap contacts to display... Select "phone only"
On my phone that option does not appear. If I long press on the three dots, I get a floating "More Options":
but there is no way to press that More Options button.

How can I see my device contacts/select the More Options button ?
Bit late on this one, only just joined the forum.

Hi BrianRM, I have just bought a Motorola G31, the contacts were imported from my sim which in turn were exported from my old Samsung to the sim.
Still with me? Only had the Motorola Android 11 a few days and used my google account to store the contacts, but kept losing some of my contacts especially on one occasion where I added 5 new contacts that were missing and it proceeded to wipe out the ones already there.

So I decided to switch off all syncs to google and enter all my contacts again, this time choosing 'Device', great , not lost a contact since.
However there are a few problems, the contacts are only accesible from within the phone app, the one on the home screen is Googles app.

There is no option to save contacts to the sim card only the device and no export/import to device

Anything like that is only applicable if you are using a google account, I'm beginning to hate Google as much as I hate Apple for trying to tie you in to there empire, "Use us or get reduced functionality". I have contacted motorola who unfortunately have said, Sorry but you need to talk to google,
even though I'm sure they could have made a phone contact able to save to sim and import/export.
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