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Android 2.0.1 pro's and con's

The 2.0.1 update came out last night. Your phone should have already updated automatically. So, I'd like to know what you've noticed that's different that wasn't already in the version notes: Android 2.0.1, Release 1 | Android Developers

First off, the power control widget. They have reskinned it and it look much better IMO. They have also changed the look of the unlock slider, which i am indifferent to.

What do you think and what else have you noticed about 2.0.1?
Although the phone is more responsive, I think they slowed down the "flick" scrolling. Before if I browse the web or read a long email.. I'd flick and I would have to stop it because it moved fast. I like this though. Now when I do it it takes tad bit more effort. Me no like.
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I've noticed that it completely broke my ability to sync my Exchange calendar and contacts. =( If you are similarly affected I'd suggest you star this bug:

Issue 5337 - android - 2.0.1 on Motorola Droid Breaks Exchange Calendar/Contact Syncs - Project Hosting on Google Code

For those wondering what I mean by "starring", log in to the site with your Google/Gmail credentials and click on the star you'll see on the upper left of that page to "vote" for the bug. You may also be interested in this one:

Issue 4475 - android - Support for ActiveSync provisioning protocol - Project Hosting on Google Code

The latter is the real root cause of the issue I believe (lack of support for ActiveSync policies).
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Moves way faster
Nicer screen transition
Like the new unlock slider/offset clock

Phone intermittently turns off/can't view SMS txt msgs.
Phone can't answer calls (sliding to answer is not responding)
Takes FOREVER for the droid to mount SD card

Overall the update kinda ruined my day :( if the cons can be fixed ASAP, then I'll be a happy droid user again !
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I don't like the new straight unlock slider. I found the curved one to be more comfortable and natural. This one also seems to take a little longer to unlock, and the slider freezes awkwardly as its unlocking, which looks and feels unprofessional to me.

I do, however, like the disconnect between the unlock slider and the sound slider. I think it's now clearer to the average user.

Also, I think I see an improvement in my camera, but I haven't rreally put it through the paces enough to be sure.
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