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Android 4.3 is available

The official update for the Toshiba Excite Pro / Write to Android 4.3 is available in the US and in the EU region. Just check the Service Station or Settings / Updates.

Generally my impression of the update is quite positive. It feels a bit smoother now, especially in games. There are a few new features in 4.3 that I like, such as the toggle buttons in the status area. The battery consumption during sleep is much more reasonable (another improvement of 4.3 or of the hardware support).

I still have to try miracast, but the option is there now. The issue with the tilt sensor is also fixed, at the expense of being a bit slow now. I had no crash so far, but I have to see how that is going.

On the downside the screen flicker in manual brightness is still there - that may be a hardware problem. The much stronger flicker in automatic brightness seems to be fixed, but the range of brightness is still inadequate, maybe even worse than before.

I found one or two apps that do not like Android 4.3, and force close sometimes. I would expect those apps to get fixed soon.


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