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Android Advice - Incredible vs. X


Dec 14, 2010
Hello all,

I've been stuck with a blackberry storm for the past year and a half, and I can say with confidence that it is the worst thing ever created by mankind. I'm finally able to upgrade my phone and I've narrowed it down to the X and the Incredible.

The features most important to me are making calls, texting, and music. Music capability is a big thing for me as I want the phone to double as my mp3 player. I'm sure I'll watch videos and browse the web a fair amount, but that's all secondary at this point.

So guide me guys...which should I opt for?

I also came from the Storm, and I agree, it was the worst creation ever contributed to the cell phone market. I bought my Incredible on launch (4/29) so I've had it for over 7 months now. I absolutely love it. Best phone I've ever had, hands down. I can't speak for the X, but if you get the Inc you wont be disappointed.

Re: Texting, I have been using Handcent for about 6 months and it's by far my favorite app. The customization that is available is unparalleled. You can customize everything from the font, colors, chat bubbles, even the backgrounds, and overall theme.

As for music playability, I have used the stock player, PowerAmp, and Winamp. PowerAmp is an amazing music app, but @ $5 it's a little steep, considering that Winamp will do most of the same things, for free. If you want a few extra options (i.e. a full equalizer) I would opt for PowerAmp, terrific music player. Very polished.

Hope you enjoy your new device. You made the right choice by switching to Android, and like me, I doubt you will ever miss your Blackberry again. Cheers! :)
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thanks, I'm leaning toward the incredible now. I'll never use the hdmi feature on the X and I won't watch videos fanatically, plus I'm becoming skeptical on the screen size. Also, the Inc is 50 bucks cheaper

Price aside, with that extra real estate on the X, the battery consumption is much higher as well. If you've done some research you will know that most smartphones weez the juice like crazy, and the Incredible is no exception. However, with the right settings, and a couple key apps, you can get an extra 75-100% out of most batteries. I'll let you do some looking around the forums, and get the opinions of other members before I start telling you what apps to fill your phone with.:D
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