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Help Android Audio to Stereo System


Aug 18, 2015
I have a fantastic stereo and speaker system that I want to use for....

I also have Android devices. Phone, tablet, etc. And a local network. I also have a Roku 3 in the mix. I would really appreciate some advice on how I can push an audio signal from my Android devices to my stereo system.

Should I look at say, a Bluetooth setup where I can push out the headphone port of the phone and tablets to a receiver at the stereo end? Or is there a way use the Android technology to push/mirror/etc, to a device that can connect to the stereo system which I would far rather do as I don't want to have to hang a transmitter device from a cell phone or tablet if I don't need to.

Or is there another way push audio from an Android device to a stereo setup? I've been wrestling with the different technologies but I would really appreciate some advice from folks who have a better understanding of all this. tx
Are you trying to cast audio from a streaming service like Spotify, or just to play audio files that are stored on your device?

Is your main system networked via Ethernet or WiFi?

I can recommend BubbleuPnP (not affiliated in any way, it's the one works best for me), as I use it on my phone and tab as a Control Point to play music library on NAS on my Onkyo system.

If you device is rooted and with Xposed framework installed, Bubble also has a module you can activate to Audio cast streaming. I use this function on my tab to cast Spotify as the Onkyo app is terrible to navigate NAS libraries and Spotify.
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