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Android Clock?

Hey guys. My friend bought a cheap-o Pantech Laser (a non android device.) I was looking at it and its features, and I realized that it has a super-cool looking analog clock. It is rather large (if it were on an android devide, it would be close to 4 x 3 spaces) It has a partially exposed inside, and you can see its inner gears and mechanisms slowly turning. I was immediately jealous. Is there a way to port this over to my handheld (Samsung Intercept?) or is there anything like this on the market, preferably for free? I am looking for an analog clock with moving, exposed gears. Thanks, all!
Search "Hero Clock" in the market. There are a gazillion of them as widgets. Some free some at a low price. Pretty good collection of Analog clocks. Not sure if they have moving gears. One moving gear clock is called "Timester" but it runs as a live wallpaper and has a hamster running inside the rim of the clock. Seems pretty popular but I don't want a hamster in my clock.
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