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Android equivalent of an iPod Touch (or iPad Mini)

I'm looking for a small Android device equipped with Miracast that I can use in my car to cast movies and TV shows onto the rear seat TV's in my new Cadillac Escalade.

Not looking to sign up for a cellular contract with any new device... I just need something with plenty of storage space, that's not too large so it's easy to store in the glove compartment or center console, and it must have miracast, which I guess will be the primary method my kids use to play movies in the back seat.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
Quite frankly I don't think there really is much in way of Android media players, that are not phones, like the iPod Touch is to the iPhone. There's things like Sony NW-A55, which is described as an Android Walkman, and I think Archos may do one as well.
The Sony has no mention of Miracast though.
Although I believe Miracast is now been deprecated, and is no longer a feature in new devices.

You may have to use an older smart-phone(without a SIM) to do what you require?
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