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Android games downloaded externally (without play store) not working ?

Nah, free playstore games also have obb files. Task Force Heroes, Asphalt 8, Real Racing and Plants vs Zombies are some examples.

@shylock7856 if you're having a hard time dealing obb files(although its pretty easy to do, just CnP it in the obb folder) and assuming you just don't have access on playstore I suggest downloading clean apks on apk4fun. Its a site that provides the original apks of games that are priced free on the playstore. Its clean and hosted by Android Police which is a trusted android site.
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If developers are to take action on that because someone downloaded a free game from a 3rd party site then millions of people will be in trouble. Lol. But as a developer from a different modding community myself I'm usually very pleased when my free works were being uploaded from other sites by other people since it means my work were being recognized and I'm sure that should also the case for free content developer on Android but that mindset does change if the app the he is trying to install is a paid one which we currently not sure if it is at the moment. That is why I suggested a good place to where to get clean apk for playstore free games.

I'm just trying to be open minded for his situation.
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Apkmirror is the Android Police apk site and they seek the devs permission before uploading apks etc.

I appreciate you're just being open minded, but I've seen enough of these sort of issues to know that if these games were obtained legitimately, the obb files wouldn't need to be placed in any folder, they'd download automatically.
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