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Help Android Keeps Cutting Off All Connectivity


Feb 22, 2012
Verizon with Razor Maxx here. About every other day my settings seem to quietly reset to shut off all connectivity.. I'm not sure how it happens or exactly when but every couple days I have to power the phone off and back on again to restore it to connection. It does this both on the road or at home with wifi and the degree of signal doesn't seem to matter. I'm thinking I have one of the settings crossed up but the obvious ones I have checked many times. FWIW I am running the basic version "Lookout" app. Any ideas?
The same has been happening to me lately. WiFi is working right now, at work, and I'll check when I get home. Last few nights I could not get WiFi connected at home (but my wife could, same phone), I would shut down and restart and everything would be normal. :thinking:

I took mine in to Verizon and they did a soft reset by pushing the power button and one of the volume keys. It still does it though:mad:
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