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Android Market, how to reapply cancelled updating all apps


Aug 5, 2010
Hey everyone. The other day I opened my Android Market app on my phone. I saw that I had about 10 apps to be updated, and when I tapped to update all of them, I accidentally hit cancel. The downloads cancelled, but now I cannot re-download the updates. It seems as if I have to wait until there is another update to each app before I can see it again. Did I screw myself over by hitting cancel? Why doesn’t Google allow you to retry the update a second time if you cancelled it before, for reasons like what happened to me? Any help on what to do? I want my apps to be the latest version but now I don’t know how. It’s not showing an update is available since I hit cancel. Do I have to wait until the next time a developer makes an update to their app before I can see it and apply it again? I tried clearing the app data for the Market, but that did not help.

Oh, and I hate the new Android market by the way.


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