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Android Marshmallow new features

Apps edge, actions edge, contacts edge. Makes the edge actually useful. The fingerprint scanner "just works" 99.9% of the time now and it is very fast. The "turn off" menu is updated, the look of TW is cleaner, and the phone is faster, although they might be a placebo effect. Also on switching on a finger print cannot be used, you have to use a password (you set it up on first boot of MM if not done so). Screen shots get options to share or save, the lock screen is cleaner. Battery - I don't know yet I recharge constantly on my vehicle anyway. I shall run it tomorrow 100% to almost flat and put up screen shots of the battery stats. Oh yes they have altered as well showing the % of the battery they have actually used that adds up to 100% of the whatever you have used (ie screen may have used 80% of the 60% of battery level used, battery level would show 40%).
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