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android music sorting alpha


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Jun 22, 2011
leeds uk
hi there i seem to be having a "problem" with the default android music player,

if i click to display all songs, and start to scroll through them eventually a vertical scroll bar appears which you can then grab and skip to a letter of one of the tracks, this works fine on the albums, and artists i.e. it goes through them A-z, but when i do it on the all songs list i can grab the scroll bar but the only thing that comes up is the ash (#) symbol no other letters,

would anyone know how to fix this, all my tracks are named, i also have winamp which doesnt have this problem, but i have a problem also with winamp where it does not show the album art work.

anyway its just annoying me that the stock app is not working correctly and would like to sort it out... i thought it might have been my phone but i got a replacement today (dust behind screen) and it is the same on this one also.

my partner has the same phone....hers works fine.

thanks for reading hope you can help.

its htc sensation by the way
right, "i" hae sorted this probelm.

got in touch wih htc, some one called me from htc and asked me to go through my problem, they sent me out a brand new 16GB memory card to see it if would sort the problem...it did, so i seems my cheap memory card i bought off t'internet was to blame.

i have to say HTC's customer service has been amazing in this situation, they said they would send me a new card ( i didnt even buy the original from them ) and would take a bout ten days.
came in three and solved my problems.......thumbs up htc... thumbs up.
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