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Android: Need help in identifying the desktop icon


Aug 8, 2012
My wife installed some app on her Android phone and that created tons of shortcuts such as "Free Tone", "Free Tones", "Spy on Her", "Ring Music", "Market", "Droid App", "Droid Apps" , "Mobile Spy" and so forth. I do not want to click and find out what it does and at the same time I would like to know where these shortcuts are pointing at.
Something like(in windows) "right button click"--> "Properties" in windows
Does any one know how to identify the shortcut property in Android?
Thanks, AP
Hmm.... I not sure of a way to do that. But I'd ask her what she recently installed. If she can't recall, then I'd look through the list in Settings > Apps > downloaded. (or somewhere like that) and try to sort out the legit ones (gmail, facebook, etc) from less legit ones...

You might be able to jump into airplane mode (so no data can be sent) then open one of the apps and see what it does??? Not really sure the best way to go about this.
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