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Android on a Netbook

I have been considering purchasing an Android tablet but then realized that thanks to the Android for x86 development that purchasing a netbook and installing android on it (something like and EeePC) that I would get the best of all worlds. A netbook has a real keyboard and battery life that is insane (my first EeePC 1005 lasted about 12 hours on a single charge) but also is small and portable like a tablet. Does anyone have any experience using android on a Netbook (good or bad). Please let me know any thoughts you may have on this (I still may be considering a netbook with Kubuntu/Ubuntu better than a tablet anyways, but running Android on it would be amazing).
I love Android, but I would not want to run it on a netbook. It's just not designed to be a netbook OS. It's like putting Windows 7 on a tablet. Windows 7 is a solid OS, but it's not designed to run with a strictly touch interface and a virtual keyboard. Put it on a desktop and it's fine. Put it on a tablet and it sucks. Android is the save only vice versa. It's a great phone OS. It's a good tablet OS (especially with Honeycomb). It's a crappy netbook OS IMO.
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I may be missing something, but I don't understand why you would like to use an OS made for phones on a netbook. There are OSs made specifically for devices with a keyboard and a mouse so why not use them? Android works great on a device with a touch screen, but I doubt it would be that great without one.
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