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Android OS Updates


Sep 10, 2011
I'm new to the android community and I would like to know what happens when there is a new release of the android OS? Can any android device download and install the new OS through some type of official update? I come from the iOS stratosphere and when they update the os its available through itunes. Is there something similar for android? I know there are ways of "rooting" to new OS but I'm intersted in official updates. Thanks
Yes, when a new update is released, it is available for the phones. However, it will take some time before official updates are released for branded units compared to Google Nexus phones mainly because manufacturers will add their own customizations to the phones as well. Also, you have to install backup applications to work like iTunes, to backup your apps before you update as they will get wiped.
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Ok thanks for the response. Please forgive my ignorance I'm still confused how I found get the update if it became possible. Would it be through Samsung or some other way?

I'm not familiar with the 7 inch tab in particular, but in general how you check for updates is below...

Settings > about phone/tablet > software update > check for software update

The reason it doesnt work like iOS is because a lot of Android devices have different hardware, and manufacturer UI (User interface) overlaid on top. So the manufacturers get the new version, and have to work to make it compatible with each particular device. Generally takes a little time to build the new OS version so that it will work on the older devices depending on whether the hardware allows.
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