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Android pc software?


May 20, 2010
Hi, so was was hoping someone could explain to me how exactly you manage your android phone through your pc. Ive never had a smart phone before and i don't get how the android interacts with your computer. I have owned a zune and currently a itouch so i know how those works, but I get the feeling the android and windows mobile run phones don't work the way im o so use to. I haven't found anything specific, but it seems like you could use a number of programs to manage your android phone? yes? is windows mobile the same?

I want to be rid of my touch and current out dated cell phone (id also like a real nice camera). So im in a tug of war between buying a Nexus one or a HD2 but I don't really understand how you manage them.

My main concern is with podcast. Im not going to buy a data plan so streaming them through the web is pointless.

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First off the hd2 is a windows moblie phone just so you know.

Your contacts, calender, and gmail sync to the google cloud. So if you add something to the calender for instance then access your google calender on your pc (which is web based) it will update within minutes. But only if the phone is web enabled. You said you don't want a data plan. I STRONGLY encourage you to rethink this. Although you can access the internet and sync via wifi, it does take a lot of the magic out of the phone. While at home or work you will be on wifi, but if you are out with friends and want to look up a place to eat or get directions to the closest Best Buy, or get navigation to your new friends house you won't be able to.

As far as syncing everything else there is a program called doubletwist that is similar to iTunes. It allows you to sync pictures, movies, music, and podcasts with your phone. It automatically converts the media to a format that will work on the phone.
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Welcome to the forum! :D

The above is a pretty good reply. :)

I've never used WinMo, but I'd also add that these phones are to a high degree stand-alone, but with data syncing. You can't expect to manage your phone from the pc.
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I used MinMo without a dataplan for about a year. It's OK... no surfing obviously, but I didn't need it at that time. I'd just plug into the USB to sync my contacts, calendar and reminders...... It's not fully a smart phone when you don't have a data plan... it's more like an iPaq (PDA) that happens to have a cell phone attached to it.
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Oh... and syncing will depend on the phone you get... even within a particular Operating System... for instance the above guy mentioned the program he uses to sync, but I have a mototola with android and motorola offers it's own sync software on their site to download and install on the pc.... since you've used a Zune, this might be more familiar....

I don't even "Sync"... my music or photos... I just copy what via USB. When you hook up an Android or Winmo phone, you will see them under My Computer and can just copy files accross. ......

blah blah.. point is.. there are several ways to to do things on most phones.
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