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Apps Android SDK - USB Driver (Need Help_


Apr 15, 2012
Hi there, I'm relatively new to dealing with android development, so I thought it'd be great if some of you took a minute of your time to help me with my dilemma.

Well, basically, I've been trying to install Android SDK to be able to move most of my apps to my SD Card, so I can free a bunch of internal memory.

If you're interested in that, let me know and I'll post the link. (I can't now since it's my first post)

Back to my dilemma. When I downloaded the Android SDK, I also downloaded the USB Driver to be able to connect my phone (when Windows Update attempts to install driver, it finds nothing and in device manager "Android Phone" shows up with a little question mark) so I could be able to use the SDK properly.

However, when I do the manual install of the SDK (When Hardware Installation asks me for the specified folder, I direct it to "C:\\......\......\android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver") and it automatically tells me that nothing was found for installation.

I have tried uninstalling it and installing it twice, but I just can't seem to get it to work. I don't know what's wrong, or why it Windows Update can't find a regular driver in the first place.

Oh, and I know this question is going to come up: Yes, the phone is is "debugging" mode, and is properly connected.

I'd really appreciate any help, since I'm completely stuck.

Thanks again!
If you allowed the SDK to install in it's default location - goto Program Files\Android\android-sdk\docs and open index.html or offline.html.

click the SDK tab -> go down to More Information -> click OEM USB Drivers; read all that. Check the bottom of the page for your phone OEM. Get your usb driver. Now you should know that some OEMs are going to lie to you. My own case in point; I was having the same trouble as you; went to the OEM site they did not have any usb drivers for download; looked in their "forums" Community Q&A and saw that other people were also looking for a usb driver for this phone, but their answer was always something like ~we do not appear to have a usb driver for you phone~.

If your OEM lies to you; check the forum for your phone under Android Phones on this site for a link. You might have to search for 'rooted / rooting [your phone name here]'; If you can not find it with 'usb driver [your phone name here]'.

I too am new to both java and Android programming, I have been to some Android forum sites, little help; the blind leading the blind, which makes sense - if your a pro java - Android programmer are you going to be looking for help [or providing help] on online forums?, No. Tried to join the stackoverflow site [also in the sdk doc] but the site is not allowing it / or that part of it is not working right.
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