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Help Android "Secure Credentials" Annoyance


Dec 13, 2010
Okay, so I've searched around and haven't found any details pertaining to the Secured Credentials part of the Android OS. (For most phones with Froyo 2.2)

Situation: I currently have a Droid 2, and my college's campus WIFI is 802.1x EAP - TLS security, which requires a certificate and a key file and such to connect. I have no problems connecting to WIFI when everything is setup properly.

Problem: Since I am using the "Secure Credentials" storage for the cert file and such, it requires a password to use it. No big deal with entering the password for the day, but it seems that every time the phone is rebooted for whatever reason, I have to go back in and re-enter the password to enable access to the storage.

This isn't through any sort of app add-on, this is strictly through the Android OS. I would like to be able to connect to the wireless on my campus automatically, but if I've rebooted my phone at some point, it wont connect automatically. Particularly, if I click to connect on the Wifi connection, it asks "Enter Secure Credentials Password". It's very annoying.

So my question is, any work-around to this? I've searched all over Google and this particular matter isn't very common. I keep my phone by my side at all times, and I'm not too worried about the "secure credentials" being password protected. Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks a bunch!


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