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Android set top box 2.2


Jul 8, 2011
Hey guys,im wondering wether or not to purchase an android set top box but cant really fin any real reviews on the web about this item.From the bits and bobs i have seen of it,i seems pretty cool and wondering if anyone owns or has had any experience with this item,good or bad.I know it has a browser so im kinda hoping i can go to sites such as movies2k and my p2p to stream live sports etc straight to my tv.
I see alot of these on ebay,mainly china and japan sellers but i'd rather buy from a uk seller if i was to buy one as would be worried re any firmware issues in the future.I also have a samsung galaxy s2 and was wondering if their is any connectivity between the 2 items.
Any help or info would really help me in my decision in purchasing this item as i dont wanna press on and buy one if its to put bluntly crap.As i already own a WDHD box which does the trick once connected via my 1tb usb drive but it dont really have any form of web browsing bar the freebies which are built and and i never use them.
kind regards Rich


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