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Android Studio Example Code


May 5, 2022
Using MIT App Inventor I modified a Bluetooth example that connects & sends data to a remote device, all pretty straightforward. Grabbed the AIA file from the Internet, loaded it into App Inventor, made changes, built the APK, installed and ran it on my phone – no problems.

Next I downloaded & installed Android Studio, made a basic test program with some buttons & pictures, sent it to my phone over Wifi and everything worked.

Then gave a shot at loading some Bluetooth examples on Android Studio but got lost in the weeds. First tried to directly load a bunch of different APK files but couldn’t get things to work, no Bluetooth connections could be made. Next gave a shot at using GitHub, downloaded a bunch of examples but same thing, couldn’t made a connection to the remote device.

MIT App Inventor makes it easy, only a single AIA files is needed while Android Studio has a bunch of files and directories and I don’t have a clue as to how properly load example code.

How does one know what files go where and into which directories?



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