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Android Studio res file error "The file name must end with .xml" when trying to run mediapipe exampl


Feb 17, 2022
Hello! I am a AI software developer but I am very new to android development and its overall architecture and IDE(Android Studio).

I am trying to create an android version of my AI app. I am trying to estimate and track pose of hands in real-time on camera. There is a example solution on a GitHub Repo from Google with their Media Pipe Machine Learning Library/API tool kit right here: https://github.com/google/mediapipe/tree/master/mediapipe/examples/android/solutions

This should be an easily runnable solution with instructions here: https://google.github.io/mediapipe/getting_started/android_solutions.html
I follow this instructions including running create_win_symlinks.bat since I am on a windows machine.

I am running into what seems to be a very silly and novice issue when I am trying to build this solution but I have had no luck trying to solve it or finding an answer.

The error message is: the file name must end with .xml and it is referring to my res file

So replicating my steps:
I import this project into my Android Studio. I then run create_win_symlinks.bat as administrator to create the res directory symlinks.

Then finally, I sync project with Grade Files. That ends up being succesful and I finally try to run the hands solution on the Pixel 2 emulator but I get an project error saying

the file name must end with .xml

This is pointing to my res inside the hands solution folder. It gives me the same error when I try to run face mesh and face detection to their respective res folder.

I checked the res file and it is a unspecified file(in file explorer) that seems to just point to the res in the project directory that includes all the .xml files for the UI

I am using the latest version of Android Studio and I upgraded the gradle plugin as it was recommending me to and that did not solve the problem either. I posted screenshots of the error message and my file contents and project directory.

Any pointers as to what I need to do to fix this problem?



In the screenshot you posted, I see a file named "res" under the "BUILD" file. The error seems to be telling you that the "res" file should be renamed to "res.xml".
That is what I initially tried, renaming it but the file contains invalid XML.
The res file contains ```../../../res``` which is pointing to the res folder under the solutions root. That contains a directory of xml files.
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For anyone who is having this problem on windows, the issue is that when you run the create_win_symlinks.bat the first step is to use a command that windows might not recognize to remove the placeholder files which are these res files that contain ```../../../res```.

Solution that worked for me was to manually delete them in the hands, facedetection, and facemesh /src/main folders then running the create_win_symlinks.bat again.
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