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Android Tablet Buying Help


Jul 17, 2010
I have played around with two android phones like the captivate and the aria and liked them both. And i also have a iPod touch 2nd generation. I would like a 4"-10" screen, a compasitive touch screen, at least 8 GB of storage, 528 mb of memory or more, 1 gb of RAM or more and would like a camera, GPS, and mic. If you can find something close please reply.
A few thing to consider. You need to factor in the idea that manufactures will not subsidize the tablets unless it is on a carrier.

4" Galaxy S 1ghz Hummingbird: $350-499 no contract. $350 good luck finding it at that price.
4.3" EVO 4G 1ghz Snapdragon: $549 no-contract
4.3" Droid X 1ghz OMAP: $569 no-contract
5" Dell Streak 1ghz Snapdragon, Android 1.6 : $549 no-contract
7" Huwaei S7 Resisitive screen, 3G, no marketplace, 800mhz : $454
All of these are 800x480.

The only Tablet I would consider now is the Galaxy S 7" coming in Nov (to be announced in 2 weeks). It is going to have a 1024x600 screen and Samsung is courting developers to make "tablet-sized" apps.

I've been thru 3 different 7" Android tablets and they were no different than my 4" Galaxy S. Running Connect-bot on a 7" was stupid and silly.

The app experience is the same, just a bigger screen. No more real-estate for surfing the web. Facebook on an Android tablet looked wonky and over-sized.
Screen has to be at least 1024x600. I would love to see a 5" 1024x600.

Expect a good one to be $700. The Samsung tablet has to cost more than the no-contract 4" Galaxy S.

I laugh at all the engadget posts from Evo owners who expect a 1ghz capacitive 7" screen to cost $200-300 and everyone pans the Dell Streak's pricing as DOA.

Those owners compare the pricing to their 2 year contract EVOs. That is a ridiculous set of expectations. Even the Nexus One was $550.

When I got the opportunity to buy a Galaxy S no-contract for under 3 bills, I jumped at it. So far, it has exceeded my expectations. I no longer have the urge experiment on 7" epads,monsoones, or whatever on Ebay.

The $150 Augen, Ekens, and even the $200 Khols, SmartQ v5s, and Archos are not worth it.

The low-end devices will seriously give consumers a bad taste in their mouth and that is how Android tablets will be cast. It is leaving a bad impression to end-users of the OS and platform when their
first device is laggy and has 1 hour battery life. I skipped on the $454 Huawei S7 because of the 1 hour battery life. I have a raincheck for the $150 K-mart Augen and a $124 PanDigital at Bed and Beyond. I think I'll skip those "experiment" purchases.

Google needs to introduce a reference tablet because the k-mart version is pure garbage.
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Thanks but I'm trying to keep it under $300. If some one knows of one that is a little under the requirements please tell me about it. But thanks any way

Archos 5 fits your budget but you need to be realistic with your expectations.

Lowest is $279. $350 gives you the 32GB model.

Has: 16gb storage, gps,

NO camera, NO capacitive screen, Android 1.6, questionable marketplace access
and decent battery life.

Amazon.com: Archos 5 16 GB Internet Tablet (Black): Electronics

I'd personally wait for the non-phone version of the 4" Galaxy S which will be about $250 (rumored) The YP-MB2

Leaked details of Samsung Galaxy S PMP
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