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We live in Spain and have UK satellite tv. The satellites are being replaced by newer models and we will lose all our UK tv channels. I have been looking at alternatives and have found android set top boxes. Can anyone tell me please if we connect one of these boxes will this give us access to UK television channels?

Many thanks for any advice (on best models, broadband speed necessary etc) you can give.

Hi and welcome to Android Forums!

It depends on whether the UK TV channels (the BBCs, I assume) stream online. It is not necessarily a receiver, as much as it is a processor of the things you put into it: I attach my satellite receiver and wireless internet to it; and it switches between them as I want on the screen. You will want to check to see if (a) there is an app that streams BBC, and (b) if that app is compatible with Google TV hardware. I hope this helps.

It's great to have you here :)
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