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Android USUSB not recognised - settings completely disappeared


Aug 19, 2021
Good day,

Yesterday I connected my Huawei P30 Pro with Android version 10 to my PC with Windows 10 via USB as usual. The computer did not recognise the device as a USB device. So I tried to change some settings in the device. When I then switched off the developer mode, I was no longer able to select any USB-related settings in the settings. The entries still appeared in the menu and in the menu-internal search, but could no longer be selected.

I then tried to solve the problem by resetting the network settings. Now all the USB-related entries no longer even appear in the system settings. When I plug it in, however, the "USB usage" dialogue appears and when I select "Enter MIDI", the computer recognises the device. However, data transfer is not possible in any of the modes.

I would like to avoid resetting the device completely, is there another possibility, maybe reinstalling the USB driver manually or similar?

Many thanks in advance for your help!


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