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AndroidPC v2.0 - Using Android without touching it


Oct 18, 2010
AndroidPC provides a brand new experience of using cellphone that you may not ever know before. Sending messages, receiving phone calls, managing your inbox are now quicker on your desktop. Never before has there been such an easy way to connect computers with mobile phones.

With AndroidPC v2.0, you can:
  • Reply messages immediately from PC without take your phone out.
  • Receive and make a phone call from PC
  • Send file to Android and vice versa
  • Manage contact information and messages
  • View Android phone information
  • View missed calls, unread sms
  • Run on any platform (tested)
  • and more

Some screenshots:


Download AndroidPC
Instructions AndroidPC

ViAndroid Team
Thanks for all your comments.
*About 3G network, I think if both your laptop and Android connect to the same 3G network it would be ok. We tested to connect through the internet and it works despite you have to set up your router to forward public IP to local IP.
*Calling function is already in AndroidPC v2.0, you can access, and make a call right in your computer, as well as make the speaker on.
*We considered the way to connect to computer and we think Wifi is the best in term of keeping the connection without dropping. For example, when you are in the wifi network at home and you have to leave home, then go back, AndroidPC can know that it connects to the pc that it connected to. As a result, you can receive all important calls and messages.
*However, you want to have USB connection, we will consider and put it in some next version.

ViAndroid team
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