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Root Andromizer

Anyone else besides myself tried this for their Event? I noticed someone else using this with their Rise. Decided to give it a try in the same way as the other poster (+ a few extra tweaks), and it's improved my phone quite a bit.

The tweaks I applied further improve on the general smoothness of the home screen, and even some of my games and videos run more steadily. I think it backs off some of the memory settings slightly, so there's a bit more of the system RAM open. The 3G and WiFi performance is much better, especially when I use streaming apps like Pandora and tunein. I don't really do any video/audio streaming on 3G, though I decided to test it a little with the 3G tweak. That works really well, as long as there's enough signal to work with. The first screenshot has the debug logger turned off; I might put that back on, though having it off can speed things up a bit.

I'm still not sure if I'll get the Pro version of this, as the free one already gives me the fixes I've been looking for. If anyone with an Event tries this, PLEASE DON'T APPLY THE KERNEL TWEAKS! I'm fairly sure doing that will brick the phone. :rolleyes:

Grab the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.j.y.daddy.customizer


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Anyone else here decided to try Andromizer? So far, it's working well for me. It's even enabled me to install several social media apps I stayed away from, due to memory issues. I installed:

1. the official facebook app
2. the official twitter app
3. ElJay, one of a handful of alternative apps for LiveJournal and other sites like Dreamwidth that use LJ's code
4. Google+

They all work fine, though facebook can still be slow at times. With the Andromizer tweaks it is more reliable, though. I also installed a hibernating app called Greenify. This app hibernates regular apps that are running in the background. It kicks in when the phone is idle. Doing that can also save some memory and CPU cycles, which in turn conserves some battery power. (Which in turn can help keep the phone cool :)) Both are available from Google Play.
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I've backed off on some of the settings. I no longer use the One Click options.

I still use the Wifi tweak, the window manager tweak (set at 96), 3g/4g at highest setting, and memory (RAM) settings with the multi-process focus preset.

Still works great. The only downside is that occasionally, some apps will generate a force close message. Usually, it's facebook running in the background for me. Sometimes apps will shut off for no reason, but then I turn them back on quickly using the multitasker. On the upside, I've had no random reboots since using Andromizer. NONE! For some reason, I'm thinking the memory tweak influences the way Android handles the fc's. Might also be something with garbage collection, etc. My phone app hasn't malfunctioned because of this slight fc issue, thank goodness. Fc's during phone calls, none.

In any case, I don't think I can do much more now with the phone. The hardcore guys that still want to unlock the bootloader have come across some interesting issues, but I don't think Kyocera will do much about it. A pity, I actually like this phone! I'll get something else when I have a bigger budget in the future... maybe something like the LG Optimus F3 that has 4G, but isn't too expensive, at least dual-core cpu, front facing cam, and is easily rootable.

Anyone out there tried this? Come on, I can't be the only person with an Event that has this! Please share your experiences... :D
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Don't go too crazy with tweaking your phone! Kernel tweaks are a good way to brick your phone. Be especially careful with using add ons like Xposed. One user I replied to recently has already had their phone rendered useless by using it. Not implying you shouldn't try it.

As for me I just factory reset my phone a couple of days ago after a few months of use. Rerooted. Then applied only two tweaks from Andromizer: The WiFi and 3g tweaks. Aside from that I only have Link 2 SD, and titanium backup to help me out. There are no custom Roms or recoveries to bail us Event users out if we f*#$ up our devices.

Again, don't mind me. Do what you want. Just be prepared to buy another one if you end up with a paperweight. ;)
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Thanks for the advice.This is both my first android and my first root.. I haven't gone any further than rooting and reading to see what others have been doing with the event. I do hope to learn more however on rooting and tweaking some of the higher end phones after I pick up a few from some of my local neighborhood homies after they get tired of them.
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I looked at andromiser but itlisted busy box as being needed. When I downloa it
It there are 2 options a clean option and an advanced option and I am not sure which to choose.

The clean option for the busybox installer should be fine. That's how I installed busybox. I used the JRummy Apps Inc. app.
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Thanks for the advice on Andromizer. I had the pro version in my old man's Optimus V years ago. I rooted his new Event and installed this app as you recommended. It does make a difference. The pro version allows you to make a FULL backup (to SD card). Make sure you have a decent size card first. It also allows you to uninstall system apps like the stock launcher. I run Apex now. Very nice! I highly recommend the pro version for this phone. Especially since there isn't a working recovery for this phone yet. (And take care to leave Kernel Tweaks alone. With no access to the boot or recovery, you'll be left with a brick for sure!)
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