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Another "hidden" piece of plastic!


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Jun 17, 2010
A while back I asked about a piece of plastic around the camera lens and a lot of people were surprised to even find it there at all. Now I have another one for you that surprised me too! I read about it on Android Central.

You have to take the back cover of the phone off and you will find a piece of plastic around the speaker grill! Why it's there, since the phone ships with the cover on, I have no idea!
What do you think about how big the speaker is without the back cover and how small the hole is in the cover to let the sound out?
You would think that this would result in a diminished or muffled sound but I have found the speaker to be much tbe best of any smartphone I have owned. It's mono and hardly hifi but it works well for what it is.
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I can imagine that having the plastic cut-out around the speaker grill (as on mine and others) could offer benefits - damping the metal grill, stopping it vibrate against the back cover...

...why did I go and remove it? Doh!

The cover doesn't seem to touch it anyway. And if it's anything like the plastic around the camera lens, it would eventually collect dust.
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Could be there so speaker doesn't get ruined when you work in a metal shop where fine metal dust can collect on the speaker rendering it pretty much useless (happened to me several times!)!!

That's possible. My bro works in a metal shop and had tons of probs with his Evo. He's got the S4 now and I don't think he's had probs thus far (not sure if he had this plastic or not. He also said others he worked with had the S2 and S3 and they didn't have problems, which was his main reason for getting the S4 over the HTC One.
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I noticed this around my speaker, but it was only around the border, and not covering the speaker grille itself. Same goes for the camera lens-it was only covered around its border, and not over the circular lens itself.

I have noticed more plastic protector coverings over the brushed chrome side-edges all around the phone. I was tempted to leave these on, but sooner or later they will get grubby along the outside edges so I peeled them all off.
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