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Antispam Call App?

Lately, I've been getting a lot of calls from "card services" and "security solutions." Apparently, I'm paying too much interest on my credit card ($0 a month) and there have been a lot of break ins in my area that my dog who barks at everything and my 9mm can't handle...

Anyway, I get these calls despite being on the DNC list. When I ask any intelligent question, the caller hangs up.

Is there any app out there that I could use to prevent them from disconnecting? Not all day just until I am satisfied that they have told me something true (the name and number of who they work for would be a good start).
I doubt there is such app but there is one called as TrueCaller, which will get you the owner of that number. What I usually do is, if the caller is 'private' I don't take the call. If the call is important, they will either leave a message or call back (none of which will occur in your case)

What I don't know or can't fathom is, if such action will make your home a target.

Please let us know your solution, if you find one.
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Instead of forwarding to a sec number you can also just have Google Voice play the no longer in service message.

but thats no fun and they don't learn anything, cause they use those automated system and not a real person, so it will stay on the line with 1-900 as long as 1-900 wants, the $1000 spam phone calls will get them to stop the robo calling and use real people.

that not in service message won't register with a robo calling computer.
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