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Any experience with BLU phones?

Specifically looking for info on anyone using a BLU Life Play phone...on TMO if possible...

NOTE TO MODS*** Could we have BLU added to the Manufacturers section if not the handset sections for all of there appropriate models?

Also BLU is too short a term to supposedly search for, could we tweek the mechanics of searching to include 3 letter searches...there are lots of terms that are cell specific that are 3 letters and at this point "unsearchable".
I've been very interested in Blu phones lately. Their new line of Life phones seems really nice. The Life Play seems comparable to the nexus 4... although admittedly not quite to to par. But it's a hundred $ cheaper, has removable battery and an SD slot, which in sure would win over some folks. Only 4GB of internal storage, but from what I've read apps are movable to the SD card. The only real issue keeping me from getting a Blu phone at present, is the fact that they don't have the radios to run on T-Mobiles 1700mhz band. And no lte. So even though you've got phones that are HSPA+42 capable, you'll never see those speeds unless you live in a T-Mobile refarm area. Strange they would choose to give their phones HSPA+42, but then only put in AT&T radios. Its a head scratcher.
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What are they? - an importer of branded Chinese phones? Can't find an official website for them. There's quite a few phones on Alibaba described as "Blu", including KIRF iPhones and Galaxys. :rolleyes:

Blu Products: Innovation always one step ahead of the mobile phone market with state of the art technology, brilliant and sexy designs

They're supposed to be updating their website soon as well.


Their Facebook is kept somewhat up to date.
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